Lustre User Group 2008

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Presentations and videos from the Lustre User Group (LUG) 2008 are available below.

LUG2008 Photo Gallery by Carl Wimmi



Welcome & Introduction Slides - Peter Bojanic, Director, Lustre Group, Sun

Lustre™ Business Update - Kevin Canady, Director of Business Development, Sun

Lustre Engineering Update Slides - Eric Barton, Lustre Lead Engineer, Sun

Sun Storage Perspective & Lustre Architecture Slides - Peter Braam, VP of Lustre, Sun

Lustre Roadmap Update Slides - Bryon Neitzel, Lustre, Sun

Lustre at LLNL Slides - Marc Stearman, LLNL

A Global File System with Lustre &LNET Routers Slides - Shane Canon, ORNL

DARPA HPCS Project Slides - John Carrier, Cray

ILM- Lustre HSM Slides - Aurelien Degremont, CEA

Customer Support & I/O Applications from a LLNL Perspective Slides - Richard Hedges, LLNL


Keynote Speaker - Andy Bechtolsheim

FlexRex: HPC Community Portal - Rich Brueckner, HPC Group, Sun

Scientific Application Performance with Lustre Slides - Tom Wang, Lustre Group, Sun

Lnet Selftest Slides - Isaac Huang, Lustre Group, Sun

BOF on Lustre over WAN - IU Slides - Eric Barton, ORNL, TACC, IU

Lustre Tools Session-Backup&Quota Slides - Nicholas P. Cardo, LBNL

Lustre Tools Session-Shine, Administration Tool Slides - Stephane Thiell, CEA

Lustre Partner: DataDirect Networks Slides - Dave Fellinger, DDN

Lustre Expertise Session (No Videos):

1. Userspace Server Architecture Slides - Andreas Dilger

2. Lustre on ZFS Slides - Ricardo Correia

3. NFS/pNFS export Slides - Oleg Drokin

4. Clustered Metadata (CMD) Slides - Andreas Dilger

5. Metadata Server Stack Slides - Nikita Danilov

6. Metadata Performance with Size on MDS Slides - Vitaly Fertman


Joint CEA/NNSA BOF on PetaScale I/O Issues - Mark Gary, LLNL

Linux HPC Software Stack Slides - Makia Minich, Lustre Group, Sun

Lustre Engineering Panel Q&A - Lustre Group