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|''' 8:00am to 12:00pm'''
|''' 8:00am to 12:00pm'''
|'''[[Media:LUG-2019-New-User-Class.07.pdf|Lustre New Users Tutorial]]'''
|'''[[Media:LUG2019-New-User-Class.07.pdf|Lustre New Users Tutorial]]'''
: ???
: ???
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|'''[[Media:LUG2019-Layering_ZFS_Pools_on_Lustre-Mohr.pdf|Layering ZFS Pools on Lustre]]'''
|'''[[Media:LUG2019-Layering_ZFS_Pools_on_Lustre-Mohr.pdf|Layering ZFS Pools on Lustre]]'''
:Rick Mohr, University of Tennessee
:Rick Mohr, University of Tennessee

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LUG 2019 was held in Houston, Texas from May 14th-19th, 2019 at the University of Houston. For the first time this year, the agenda included two open tutorial sessions on the opening day for new and experienced users and administrators to learn about Lustre. Additionally, the Lustre Developer Day 2019 was held on May 14th.

LUG 2019 Agenda

Tuesday, May 14th

8:00am to 12:00pm Lustre New Users Tutorial
1:00pm to 5:00pm Lustre Day‐to‐Day Operations Tutorial

Wednesday, May 15th

8:45am Opening Remarks
OpenSFS/University of Houston
9:00am Community Release Update
Peter Jones, Whamcloud
9:30am IML Overview and Roadmap
Joe Grund, Whamcloud
10:30am Lustre 2.13 and beyond
Andreas Dilger, Whamcloud
11:00am Flexible Lustre Management
James Simmons, ORNL
11:30am Lustre - A view from the outside
Neil Brown, SUSE
1:30pm Lustre Security Update
Sébastien Buisson, Whamcloud
2:00pm Long Distance Lustre Communication
Raj Gautam, ExxonMobil
2:30pm LNet Features Overview
Amir Shehata, Whamcloud
3:30pm A Quantitative Approach to Architecting All-flash Lustre File Systems
Kirill Lozinskiy, LBNL/NERSC
4:00pm Performance Evaluation of Lustre on All‐Flash Storage System at OIST
Koji Tanaka, OIST Graduate University
4:20pm Lustre Optimizations and Improvements for Flash Storage
Shuichi Ihara, Whamcloud
4:30pm Flash Based Lustre Filesystem for the Arm‐based Supercomputer‐Astra
Lee Ward, Sandia National Laboratories
5:00pm Hybrid Flash/Disk Storage Systems with Lustre
Nathan Rutman, Cray

Thursday, May 16th

8:45am Sponsor Presentation - Kmesh
Vinay Gaonkar, Kmesh
9:00am Lustre on Public Clouds‐Opportunities, Challenges & Learning
Saravanan Purushothaman, Kmesh
9:30am Managing Lustre on AWS
Andy Pollock and Aurélien Degrémont, Amazon
10:30am HSM, Data Movement, Tiering, Layouts and More
Ben Evans, Cray
11:00am Smart Policies for Data Placement and Storage Tiering of Lustre
Xi Li, Whamcloud
11:30am Robinhood Reports: A New Robinhood Web Front to Help Users Find Their Data
Shawn Hall, NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group)
1:30pm Sponsor Presentation - DDN
Craig Vershon, DDN
1:45pm Migratefs: Overlay Filesystem for Transparent, Distributed Migration of Active Data
Stéphane Thiell, Stanford
2:05pm Lustre 2.12 In Production
Stéphane Thiell, Stanford
2:15pm Cross‐tier Unified Namespace Update
Mohamad Chaarawi, Intel
2:45pm EOFS update
Peter Jones, EOFS
2:50pm LAD'19 Announcement
2:55pm OpenSFS update
3:45pm A Performance Study of Lustre File System Checker: Bottlenecks and Potentials
Dong Dai, UNC Charlotte
4:15pm Lustre in the Compute Canada Federation and the Deployment of Beluga
Simon Guilbault, Calcul Québec

Friday, May 17th

8:45am Sponsor Presentation - Cray
9:00am Un‐scratching Lustre
Cameron Harr, LLNL
9:30am Introducing Pool Quotas
Cory Spitz, Cray
10:00am Layering ZFS Pools on Lustre
Rick Mohr, University of Tennessee
11:00am Lustre Overstriping‐Improving Shared File Write Performance
Patrick Farrell, Whamcloud
11:30am Solving I/O Slowdown: DoM, DNE and PFL Working Together
John Fragalla and William Loewe, Cray
12:00pm IO-500 - A Storage Benchmark for HPC
Andreas Dilger, Whamcloud