Release 2.9.0

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Current Schedule

  • March 31 2016 - Feature Freeze
  • May 31 2016 - Code Freeze
  • June 30 2016 - Release 2.8.0 (revised)


General Work and Maintenance

From the Lustre project page in the Lustre issue tracker, we can see a dashboard for the project. On that page under the "Versions: Unreleased" section, there are links to future releases and all of the issues that are either targeted to be addressed in that release, or are already addressed for the release. Here is a shortcut to Lustre 2.9.0's issue summary page:

 Lustre 2.9.0 Issues

Any issue that contains "Lustre 2.9.0" in the "Fix Version/s" field of a ticket is intended to be fixed for version 2.9.0. The Lustre 2.8.0 Issues list is fluid, and will be updated on a continual basis as man power and perceived priorities change.

A convenience search filter is supplied for anyone looking for work that needs to be done for 2.9.0:

 Lustre 2.9.0 Unassigned Issues


The following features are under active development and could be possible for landing during the 2.9 release cycle

<Coming soon>

Test Matrix

  • Servers: RHEL 7.2
  • Clients RHEL 7.2, SLES 12 SP1
  • OFED: inkernel
  • E2FSProgs: v1.42.12.wc1
  • Interoperability: 2.8 Servers/Clients