Data Structures

struct  cl_req_attr
 Per-transfer attributes. More...
struct  cl_req_operations
 Transfer request operations definable at every layer. More...
struct  cl_req_obj
 A per-object state that (potentially multi-object) transfer request keeps. More...
struct  cl_req
 Transfer request. More...
struct  cl_req_slice
 Per-layer state for request. More...
struct  cl_req
 Transfer request. More...


enum  cl_req_type { CRT_READ, CRT_WRITE, CRT_NR }
 Requested transfer type.


cl_reqcl_req_alloc (const struct lu_env *env, struct cl_page *page, enum cl_req_type crt, int nr_objects)
 Allocates new transfer request.
void cl_req_page_add (const struct lu_env *env, struct cl_req *req, struct cl_page *page)
 Adds a page to a request.
void cl_req_page_done (const struct lu_env *env, struct cl_page *page)
 Removes a page from a request.
int cl_req_prep (const struct lu_env *env, struct cl_req *req)
 Notifies layers that request is about to depart by calling cl_req_operations::cro_prep() top-to-bottom.
void cl_req_attr_set (const struct lu_env *env, struct cl_req *req, struct cl_req_attr *attr, obd_valid flags)
 Fills in attributes that are passed to server together with transfer.
void cl_req_completion (const struct lu_env *env, struct cl_req *req, int ioret)
 Invokes per-request transfer completion call-backs (cl_req_operations::cro_completion()) bottom-to-top.

Function Documentation

void cl_req_attr_set ( const struct lu_env env,
struct cl_req req,
struct cl_req_attr attr,
obd_valid  flags 

Fills in attributes that are passed to server together with transfer.

Only attributes from flags may be touched. This can be called multiple times for the same request.

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