Data Structures

struct  cl_sync_io
 Anchor for synchronous transfer. More...


void cl_sync_io_init (struct cl_sync_io *anchor, int nrpages)
 Initialize synchronous io wait anchor, for transfer of nrpages pages.
int cl_sync_io_wait (const struct lu_env *env, struct cl_io *io, struct cl_page_list *queue, struct cl_sync_io *anchor, long timeout)
 Wait until all transfer completes.
void cl_sync_io_note (struct cl_sync_io *anchor, int ioret)
 Indicate that transfer of a single page completed.

Function Documentation

int cl_sync_io_wait ( const struct lu_env env,
struct cl_io io,
struct cl_page_list *  queue,
struct cl_sync_io anchor,
long  timeout 

Wait until all transfer completes.

Transfer completion routine has to call cl_sync_io_note() for every page.

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