Data Structures

struct  ptlrpc_connection
struct  ptlrpc_client
union  ptlrpc_async_args
struct  ptlrpc_request_set
struct  ptlrpc_set_cbdata
struct  ptlrpc_cb_id
struct  ptlrpc_reply_state
struct  ptlrpc_request_pool
struct  ptlrpc_hpreq_ops
struct  ptlrpc_request
 Represents remote procedure call. More...
struct  ptlrpc_bulk_page
struct  ptlrpc_bulk_desc
struct  ptlrpc_thread
struct  ptlrpc_request_buffer_desc
struct  ptlrpc_service
struct  ptlrpcd_ctl
struct  ptlrpc_service_conf
struct  ptlrpc_svc_data


#define LDLM_NBUFS   (64 * cfs_num_online_cpus())
#define LDLM_BUFSIZE   (8 * 1024)
#define LDLM_MAXREQSIZE   (5 * 1024)
#define LDLM_MAXREPSIZE   (1024)
#define MDT_MAX_THREADS   512UL
#define MDS_THREADS_MIN   2
#define MDS_THREADS_MAX   512
#define MDS_NBUFS   (64 * cfs_num_online_cpus())
#define MDS_BUFSIZE   (8 * 1024)
#define MDS_MAXREQSIZE   (5 * 1024)
#define MDS_MAXREPSIZE   max(9 * 1024, 362 + LOV_MAX_STRIPE_COUNT * 56)
#define FLD_MAXREQSIZE   (160)
#define FLD_MAXREPSIZE   (152)
#define SEQ_MAXREQSIZE   (160)
#define SEQ_MAXREPSIZE   (152)
#define MGS_NBUFS   (64 * cfs_num_online_cpus())
#define MGS_BUFSIZE   (8 * 1024)
#define MGS_MAXREQSIZE   (7 * 1024)
#define MGS_MAXREPSIZE   (9 * 1024)
#define OSS_THREADS_MIN   3
#define OSS_THREADS_MAX   512
#define OST_NBUFS   (64 * cfs_num_online_cpus())
#define OST_BUFSIZE   (8 * 1024)
#define OST_MAXREQSIZE   (5 * 1024)
#define OST_MAXREPSIZE   (9 * 1024)
#define ptlrpc_req_async_args(req)   ((void *)&req->rq_async_args)
#define PTL_RPC_FL_INTR   (1 << 0)
#define PTL_RPC_FL_TIMEOUT   (1 << 7)
#define REQ_MAX_ACK_LOCKS   8
#define RS_MAX_LOCKS   8
#define RS_DEBUG   1
#define FLAG(field, str)   (field ? str : "")
#define DEBUG_REQ_FLAGS(req)
#define REQ_FLAGS_FMT   "%s:%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s%s"
#define debug_req(cdls, level, req, file, func, line, fmt, a...)
#define DEBUG_REQ(level, req, fmt, args...)
#define BULK_GET_SOURCE   0
#define BULK_PUT_SINK   1
#define BULK_GET_SINK   2
#define BULK_PUT_SOURCE   3
#define PTLRPC_SVC_HP_RATIO   10
#define PTLRPC_REPLY_EARLY   0x02
#define ptlrpc_hr_init()   (0)
#define ptlrpc_hr_fini()   do {} while(0)
#define ping_evictor_start()   do {} while (0)
#define ping_evictor_stop()   do {} while (0)


typedef int(*) set_interpreter_func (struct ptlrpc_request_set *, void *, int)
typedef int(*) ptlrpc_interpterer_t (const struct lu_env *env, struct ptlrpc_request *req, void *arg, int rc)
 Type of request interpreter call-back.
typedef int(*) svc_handler_t (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
typedef void(*) svcreq_printfn_t (void *, struct ptlrpc_request *)
typedef int(*) svc_hpreq_handler_t (struct ptlrpc_request *)
typedef int(*) timeout_cb_t (struct timeout_item *, void *)


enum  rq_phase {
  RQ_PHASE_NEW = 0xebc0de00, RQ_PHASE_RPC = 0xebc0de01, RQ_PHASE_BULK = 0xebc0de02, RQ_PHASE_INTERPRET = 0xebc0de03,
  RQ_PHASE_COMPLETE = 0xebc0de04, RQ_PHASE_UNREGISTERING = 0xebc0de05, RQ_PHASE_UNDEFINED = 0xebc0de06
enum  ptlrpcd_ctl_flags { LIOD_START = 1 << 0, LIOD_STOP = 1 << 1, LIOD_FORCE = 1 << 2, LIOD_RECOVERY = 1 << 3 }
enum  timeout_event { TIMEOUT_GRANT = 1 }
enum  ptlrpcd_scope { PSCOPE_BRW, PSCOPE_OTHER, PSCOPE_NR }
 Ptlrpcd scope is a set of two threads: ptlrpcd-foo and ptlrpcd-foo-rcv, these threads are used to asynchronously send requests queued with ptlrpcd_add_req(req, PCSOPE_FOO), and to handle completion call-backs for such requests. More...


void _debug_req (struct ptlrpc_request *req, __u32 mask, struct libcfs_debug_msg_data *data, const char *fmt,...) __attribute__((format(printf
int ptlrpc_uuid_to_peer (struct obd_uuid *uuid, lnet_process_id_t *peer, lnet_nid_t *self)
void request_out_callback (lnet_event_t *ev)
void reply_in_callback (lnet_event_t *ev)
void client_bulk_callback (lnet_event_t *ev)
void request_in_callback (lnet_event_t *ev)
void reply_out_callback (lnet_event_t *ev)
void server_bulk_callback (lnet_event_t *ev)
ptlrpc_connection * ptlrpc_connection_get (lnet_process_id_t peer, lnet_nid_t self, struct obd_uuid *uuid)
int ptlrpc_connection_put (struct ptlrpc_connection *c)
ptlrpc_connection * ptlrpc_connection_addref (struct ptlrpc_connection *)
int ptlrpc_connection_init (void)
void ptlrpc_connection_fini (void)
lnet_pid_t ptl_get_pid (void)
int ptlrpc_start_bulk_transfer (struct ptlrpc_bulk_desc *desc)
void ptlrpc_abort_bulk (struct ptlrpc_bulk_desc *desc)
int ptlrpc_register_bulk (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int ptlrpc_unregister_bulk (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int async)
int ptlrpc_send_reply (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int flags)
int ptlrpc_reply (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int ptlrpc_send_error (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int difficult)
int ptlrpc_error (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
void ptlrpc_resend_req (struct ptlrpc_request *request)
int ptlrpc_at_get_net_latency (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int ptl_send_rpc (struct ptlrpc_request *request, int noreply)
int ptlrpc_register_rqbd (struct ptlrpc_request_buffer_desc *rqbd)
void ptlrpc_init_client (int req_portal, int rep_portal, char *name, struct ptlrpc_client *)
void ptlrpc_cleanup_client (struct obd_import *imp)
ptlrpc_connection * ptlrpc_uuid_to_connection (struct obd_uuid *uuid)
int ptlrpc_queue_wait (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int ptlrpc_replay_req (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int ptlrpc_unregister_reply (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int async)
void ptlrpc_restart_req (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
void ptlrpc_abort_inflight (struct obd_import *imp)
void ptlrpc_cleanup_imp (struct obd_import *imp)
void ptlrpc_abort_set (struct ptlrpc_request_set *set)
ptlrpc_request_set * ptlrpc_prep_set (void)
int ptlrpc_set_add_cb (struct ptlrpc_request_set *set, set_interpreter_func fn, void *data)
int ptlrpc_set_next_timeout (struct ptlrpc_request_set *)
 Get the smallest timeout in the set; this does NOT set a timeout.
int ptlrpc_check_set (const struct lu_env *env, struct ptlrpc_request_set *set)
int ptlrpc_set_wait (struct ptlrpc_request_set *)
int ptlrpc_expired_set (void *data)
void ptlrpc_interrupted_set (void *data)
void ptlrpc_mark_interrupted (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
void ptlrpc_set_destroy (struct ptlrpc_request_set *)
void ptlrpc_set_add_req (struct ptlrpc_request_set *, struct ptlrpc_request *)
int ptlrpc_set_add_new_req (struct ptlrpcd_ctl *pc, struct ptlrpc_request *req)
 Lock so many callers can add things, the context that owns the set is supposed to notice these and move them into the set proper.
void ptlrpc_free_rq_pool (struct ptlrpc_request_pool *pool)
void ptlrpc_add_rqs_to_pool (struct ptlrpc_request_pool *pool, int num_rq)
ptlrpc_request_pool * ptlrpc_init_rq_pool (int, int, void(*populate_pool)(struct ptlrpc_request_pool *, int))
void ptlrpc_at_set_req_timeout (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
ptlrpc_requestptlrpc_request_alloc (struct obd_import *imp, const struct req_format *format)
ptlrpc_requestptlrpc_request_alloc_pool (struct obd_import *imp, struct ptlrpc_request_pool *, const struct req_format *format)
void ptlrpc_request_free (struct ptlrpc_request *request)
int ptlrpc_request_pack (struct ptlrpc_request *request, __u32 version, int opcode)
ptlrpc_requestptlrpc_request_alloc_pack (struct obd_import *imp, const struct req_format *format, __u32 version, int opcode)
int ptlrpc_request_bufs_pack (struct ptlrpc_request *request, __u32 version, int opcode, char **bufs, struct ptlrpc_cli_ctx *ctx)
ptlrpc_requestptlrpc_prep_fakereq (struct obd_import *imp, unsigned int timeout, ptlrpc_interpterer_t interpreter)
void ptlrpc_fakereq_finished (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
ptlrpc_requestptlrpc_prep_req (struct obd_import *imp, __u32 version, int opcode, int count, __u32 *lengths, char **bufs)
ptlrpc_requestptlrpc_prep_req_pool (struct obd_import *imp, __u32 version, int opcode, int count, __u32 *lengths, char **bufs, struct ptlrpc_request_pool *pool)
void ptlrpc_req_finished (struct ptlrpc_request *request)
void ptlrpc_req_finished_with_imp_lock (struct ptlrpc_request *request)
ptlrpc_requestptlrpc_request_addref (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
ptlrpc_bulk_desc * ptlrpc_prep_bulk_imp (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int npages, int type, int portal)
ptlrpc_bulk_desc * ptlrpc_prep_bulk_exp (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int npages, int type, int portal)
void ptlrpc_free_bulk (struct ptlrpc_bulk_desc *bulk)
void ptlrpc_prep_bulk_page (struct ptlrpc_bulk_desc *desc, cfs_page_t *page, int pageoffset, int len)
void ptlrpc_retain_replayable_request (struct ptlrpc_request *req, struct obd_import *imp)
__u64 ptlrpc_next_xid (void)
__u64 ptlrpc_sample_next_xid (void)
__u64 ptlrpc_req_xid (struct ptlrpc_request *request)
void ptlrpc_save_lock (struct ptlrpc_request *req, struct lustre_handle *lock, int mode, int no_ack)
void ptlrpc_commit_replies (struct obd_export *exp)
void ptlrpc_dispatch_difficult_reply (struct ptlrpc_reply_state *rs)
void ptlrpc_schedule_difficult_reply (struct ptlrpc_reply_state *rs)
ptlrpc_service * ptlrpc_init_svc_conf (struct ptlrpc_service_conf *c, svc_handler_t h, char *name, struct proc_dir_entry *proc_entry, svcreq_printfn_t prntfn, char *threadname)
ptlrpc_service * ptlrpc_init_svc (int nbufs, int bufsize, int max_req_size, int max_reply_size, int req_portal, int rep_portal, int watchdog_factor, svc_handler_t, char *name, cfs_proc_dir_entry_t *proc_entry, svcreq_printfn_t, int min_threads, int max_threads, char *threadname, __u32 ctx_tags, svc_hpreq_handler_t)
void ptlrpc_stop_all_threads (struct ptlrpc_service *svc)
int ptlrpc_start_threads (struct obd_device *dev, struct ptlrpc_service *svc)
int ptlrpc_start_thread (struct obd_device *dev, struct ptlrpc_service *svc)
int ptlrpc_unregister_service (struct ptlrpc_service *service)
int liblustre_check_services (void *arg)
void ptlrpc_daemonize (char *name)
int ptlrpc_service_health_check (struct ptlrpc_service *)
void ptlrpc_hpreq_reorder (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
void ptlrpc_server_active_request_inc (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
 increment the number of active requests consuming service threads.
void ptlrpc_server_active_request_dec (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
 decrement the number of active requests consuming service threads.
void ptlrpc_server_drop_request (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
 drop a reference count of the request.
int ptlrpc_connect_import (struct obd_import *imp, char *new_uuid)
int ptlrpc_init_import (struct obd_import *imp)
int ptlrpc_disconnect_import (struct obd_import *imp, int noclose)
int ptlrpc_import_recovery_state_machine (struct obd_import *imp)
int ptlrpc_reconnect_import (struct obd_import *imp)
int ptlrpc_buf_need_swab (struct ptlrpc_request *req, const int inout, int index)
 ptlrpc mgs buffer swab interface
void ptlrpc_buf_set_swabbed (struct ptlrpc_request *req, const int inout, int index)
int ptlrpc_unpack_rep_msg (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int len)
int ptlrpc_unpack_req_msg (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int len)
int lustre_msg_check_version (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 version)
void lustre_init_msg_v2 (struct lustre_msg_v2 *msg, int count, __u32 *lens, char **bufs)
int lustre_pack_request (struct ptlrpc_request *, __u32 magic, int count, __u32 *lens, char **bufs)
int lustre_pack_reply (struct ptlrpc_request *, int count, __u32 *lens, char **bufs)
int lustre_pack_reply_v2 (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int count, __u32 *lens, char **bufs, int flags)
int lustre_pack_reply_flags (struct ptlrpc_request *, int count, __u32 *lens, char **bufs, int flags)
int lustre_shrink_msg (struct lustre_msg *msg, int segment, unsigned int newlen, int move_data)
void lustre_free_reply_state (struct ptlrpc_reply_state *rs)
int __lustre_unpack_msg (struct lustre_msg *m, int len)
int lustre_msg_hdr_size (__u32 magic, int count)
int lustre_msg_size (__u32 magic, int count, __u32 *lengths)
int lustre_msg_size_v2 (int count, __u32 *lengths)
int lustre_packed_msg_size (struct lustre_msg *msg)
int lustre_msg_early_size (void)
void * lustre_msg_buf_v2 (struct lustre_msg_v2 *m, int n, int min_size)
void * lustre_msg_buf (struct lustre_msg *m, int n, int minlen)
int lustre_msg_buflen (struct lustre_msg *m, int n)
 lustre_msg_buflen - return the length of buffer n in message m
void lustre_msg_set_buflen (struct lustre_msg *m, int n, int len)
int lustre_msg_bufcount (struct lustre_msg *m)
char * lustre_msg_string (struct lustre_msg *m, int n, int max_len)
__u32 lustre_msghdr_get_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg)
void lustre_msghdr_set_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 flags)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg)
void lustre_msg_add_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg, int flags)
void lustre_msg_set_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg, int flags)
void lustre_msg_clear_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg, int flags)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_op_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg)
void lustre_msg_add_op_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg, int flags)
void lustre_msg_set_op_flags (struct lustre_msg *msg, int flags)
lustre_handle * lustre_msg_get_handle (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_type (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_version (struct lustre_msg *msg)
void lustre_msg_add_version (struct lustre_msg *msg, int version)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_opc (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u64 lustre_msg_get_last_xid (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u64 lustre_msg_get_last_committed (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u64 * lustre_msg_get_versions (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u64 lustre_msg_get_transno (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u64 lustre_msg_get_slv (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_limit (struct lustre_msg *msg)
void lustre_msg_set_slv (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u64 slv)
void lustre_msg_set_limit (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u64 limit)
int lustre_msg_get_status (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_conn_cnt (struct lustre_msg *msg)
int lustre_msg_is_v1 (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_magic (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_timeout (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_service_time (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_get_cksum (struct lustre_msg *msg)
__u32 lustre_msg_calc_cksum (struct lustre_msg *msg)
void lustre_msg_set_handle (struct lustre_msg *msg, struct lustre_handle *handle)
void lustre_msg_set_type (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 type)
void lustre_msg_set_opc (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 opc)
void lustre_msg_set_last_xid (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u64 last_xid)
void lustre_msg_set_last_committed (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u64 last_committed)
void lustre_msg_set_versions (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u64 *versions)
void lustre_msg_set_transno (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u64 transno)
void lustre_msg_set_status (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 status)
void lustre_msg_set_conn_cnt (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 conn_cnt)
void ptlrpc_req_set_repsize (struct ptlrpc_request *req, int count, __u32 *sizes)
void ptlrpc_request_set_replen (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
void lustre_msg_set_timeout (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 timeout)
void lustre_msg_set_service_time (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 service_time)
void lustre_msg_set_cksum (struct lustre_msg *msg, __u32 cksum)
int client_obd_setup (struct obd_device *obddev, struct lustre_cfg *lcfg)
int client_obd_cleanup (struct obd_device *obddev)
int client_connect_import (const struct lu_env *env, struct obd_export **exp, struct obd_device *obd, struct obd_uuid *cluuid, struct obd_connect_data *, void *localdata)
int client_disconnect_export (struct obd_export *exp)
int client_import_add_conn (struct obd_import *imp, struct obd_uuid *uuid, int priority)
int client_import_del_conn (struct obd_import *imp, struct obd_uuid *uuid)
int import_set_conn_priority (struct obd_import *imp, struct obd_uuid *uuid)
void client_destroy_import (struct obd_import *imp)
int server_disconnect_export (struct obd_export *exp)
int ptlrpc_pinger_add_import (struct obd_import *imp)
int ptlrpc_pinger_del_import (struct obd_import *imp)
int ptlrpc_add_timeout_client (int time, enum timeout_event event, timeout_cb_t cb, void *data, cfs_list_t *obd_list)
int ptlrpc_del_timeout_client (cfs_list_t *obd_list, enum timeout_event event)
ptlrpc_requestptlrpc_prep_ping (struct obd_import *imp)
int ptlrpc_obd_ping (struct obd_device *obd)
cfs_time_t ptlrpc_suspend_wakeup_time (void)
int ptlrpc_check_and_wait_suspend (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int ptlrpcd_start (const char *name, struct ptlrpcd_ctl *pc)
void ptlrpcd_stop (struct ptlrpcd_ctl *pc, int force)
void ptlrpcd_wake (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int ptlrpcd_add_req (struct ptlrpc_request *req, enum ptlrpcd_scope scope)
void ptlrpcd_add_rqset (struct ptlrpc_request_set *set)
int ptlrpcd_addref (void)
void ptlrpcd_decref (void)
const char * ll_opcode2str (__u32 opcode)
int llog_origin_handle_create (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int llog_origin_handle_destroy (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int llog_origin_handle_prev_block (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int llog_origin_handle_next_block (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int llog_origin_handle_read_header (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int llog_origin_handle_close (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int llog_origin_handle_cancel (struct ptlrpc_request *req)
int llog_catinfo (struct ptlrpc_request *req)


lnet_handle_eq_t ptlrpc_eq_h
llog_operations llog_client_ops

Define Documentation

#define DEBUG_REQ ( level,
args...   ) 


do {                                                                          \
        if ((level) & (D_ERROR | D_WARNING)) {                                \
                static cfs_debug_limit_state_t cdls;                          \
                debug_req(&cdls, level, req, __FILE__, __func__, __LINE__,    \
                          "@@@ "fmt" ", ## args);                             \
        } else                                                                \
                debug_req(NULL, level, req, __FILE__, __func__, __LINE__,     \
                          "@@@ "fmt" ", ## args);                             \
} while (0)

#define debug_req ( cdls,
a...   ) 


do {                                                                          \
        CFS_CHECK_STACK();                                                    \
        if (((level) & D_CANTMASK) != 0 ||                                    \
            ((libcfs_debug & (level)) != 0 &&                                 \
             (libcfs_subsystem_debug & DEBUG_SUBSYSTEM) != 0)) {              \
                static struct libcfs_debug_msg_data _req_dbg_data =           \
                DEBUG_MSG_DATA_INIT(cdls, DEBUG_SUBSYSTEM, file, func, line); \
                _debug_req((req), (level), &_req_dbg_data, fmt, ##a);         \
        }                                                                     \
} while(0)

#define DEBUG_REQ_FLAGS ( req   ) 


ptlrpc_rqphase2str(req),                                                \
        FLAG(req->rq_intr, "I"), FLAG(req->rq_replied, "R"),                    \
        FLAG(req->rq_err, "E"),                                                 \
        FLAG(req->rq_timedout, "X") /* eXpired */, FLAG(req->rq_resend, "S"),   \
        FLAG(req->rq_restart, "T"), FLAG(req->rq_replay, "P"),                  \
        FLAG(req->rq_no_resend, "N"),                                           \
        FLAG(req->rq_waiting, "W"),                                             \
        FLAG(req->rq_wait_ctx, "C"), FLAG(req->rq_hp, "H")



min_t(unsigned, cfs_num_online_cpus() * \
                                  cfs_num_online_cpus() * 32, 128)



max(min_t(unsigned long, MDT_MAX_THREADS, \
                                  cfs_num_physpages >> (25 - CFS_PAGE_SHIFT)), \

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ptlrpcd_ctl_flags

LIOD_START  Ptlrpc thread start flag.
LIOD_STOP  Ptlrpc thread stop flag.
LIOD_FORCE  Ptlrpc thread force flag (only stop force so far).

This will cause aborting any inflight rpcs handled by thread if LIOD_STOP is specified.

LIOD_RECOVERY  This is a recovery ptlrpc thread.

enum ptlrpcd_scope

Ptlrpcd scope is a set of two threads: ptlrpcd-foo and ptlrpcd-foo-rcv, these threads are used to asynchronously send requests queued with ptlrpcd_add_req(req, PCSOPE_FOO), and to handle completion call-backs for such requests.

Multiple scopes are needed to avoid dead-locks.

PSCOPE_BRW  Scope of bulk read-write rpcs.
PSCOPE_OTHER  Everything else.

Function Documentation

int lustre_msg_buflen ( struct lustre_msg *  m,
int  n 

lustre_msg_buflen - return the length of buffer n in message m

m lustre_msg (request or reply) to look at
n message index (base 0)
returns zero for non-existent message indices

void ptlrpc_server_drop_request ( struct ptlrpc_request req  ) 

drop a reference count of the request.

if it reaches 0, we either put it into history list, or free it immediately.

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