ccc_io Struct Reference

IO state private to vvp or slp layers. More...

#include <lclient.h>

Data Fields

cl_io_slice cui_cl
 super class
cl_io_lock_link cui_link
iovec * cui_iov
 I/O vector information to or from which read/write is going.
unsigned long cui_nrsegs
unsigned long cui_tot_nrsegs
 Total iov count for left IO.
size_t cui_iov_olen
 Old length for iov that was truncated partially.
size_t cui_tot_count
 Total size for the left IO.
union {
   struct {
      int   cui_locks_released
      enum ccc_setattr_lock_type   cui_local_lock
   }   setattr
int cui_glimpse
 True iff io is processing glimpse right now.
ll_file_data * cui_fd
 File descriptor against which IO is done.
kiocb * cui_iocb

Detailed Description

IO state private to vvp or slp layers.

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