lov_io_sub Struct Reference

State that lov_io maintains for every sub-io. More...

#include <lov_cl_internal.h>

Data Fields

int sub_stripe
 sub-io for a stripe.
cfs_list_t sub_linkage
 Linkage into a list (hanging off lov_io::lis_active) of all sub-io's active for the current IO iteration.
int sub_io_initialized
 true, iff cl_io_init() was successfully executed against lov_io_sub::sub_io.
int sub_borrowed
 True, iff lov_io_sub::sub_io and lov_io_sub::sub_env weren't allocated, but borrowed from a per-device emergency pool.
 environment, in which sub-io executes.
int sub_refcheck
 environment's refcheck.
int sub_refcheck2
int sub_reenter
void * sub_cookie

Detailed Description

State that lov_io maintains for every sub-io.

Field Documentation

struct cl_io* lov_io_sub::sub_io

sub-io for a stripe.

Ideally sub-io's can be stopped and resumed independently, with lov acting as a scheduler to maximize overall throughput.

int lov_io_sub::sub_refcheck

environment's refcheck.

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