lu_device Struct Reference

Device: a layer in the server side abstraction stacking. More...

#include <lu_object.h>

Data Fields

cfs_atomic_t ld_ref
 reference count.
 Pointer to device type.
 Operation vector for this device.
 Stack this device belongs to.
proc_dir_entry * ld_proc_entry
obd_device * ld_obd
lu_ref ld_reference
 A list of references to this object, for debugging.

Detailed Description

Device: a layer in the server side abstraction stacking.

Field Documentation

struct obd_device* lu_device::ld_obd

XXX: temporary back pointer into obd.

cfs_atomic_t lu_device::ld_ref

reference count.

This is incremented, in particular, on each object created at this layer.

XXX which means that atomic_t is probably too small.

struct lu_device_type* lu_device::ld_type

Pointer to device type.

Never modified once set.

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