ptlrpc_request Struct Reference

Represents remote procedure call. More...

#include <lustre_net.h>

Data Fields

int rq_type
cfs_list_t rq_list
cfs_list_t rq_timed_list
cfs_list_t rq_history_list
cfs_list_t rq_exp_list
ptlrpc_hpreq_ops * rq_ops
__u64 rq_history_seq
time_t rq_at_index
int rq_status
cfs_spinlock_t rq_lock
unsigned long rq_intr:1
unsigned long rq_replied:1
unsigned long rq_err:1
unsigned long rq_timedout:1
unsigned long rq_resend:1
unsigned long rq_restart:1
unsigned long rq_replay:1
unsigned long rq_no_resend:1
unsigned long rq_waiting:1
unsigned long rq_receiving_reply:1
unsigned long rq_no_delay:1
unsigned long rq_net_err:1
unsigned long rq_wait_ctx:1
unsigned long rq_early:1
unsigned long rq_must_unlink:1
unsigned long rq_fake:1
unsigned long rq_packed_final:1
unsigned long rq_hp:1
unsigned long rq_at_linked:1
unsigned long rq_reply_truncate:1
unsigned long rq_committed:1
enum rq_phase rq_phase
enum rq_phase rq_next_phase
cfs_atomic_t rq_refcount
ptlrpc_thread * rq_svc_thread
int rq_request_portal
int rq_reply_portal
int rq_nob_received
int rq_reqlen
lustre_msg * rq_reqmsg
int rq_replen
lustre_msg * rq_repmsg
__u64 rq_transno
__u64 rq_xid
cfs_list_t rq_replay_list
ptlrpc_cli_ctx * rq_cli_ctx
ptlrpc_svc_ctx * rq_svc_ctx
cfs_list_t rq_ctx_chain
sptlrpc_flavor rq_flvr
enum lustre_sec_part rq_sp_from
unsigned long rq_ctx_init:1
unsigned long rq_ctx_fini:1
unsigned long rq_bulk_read:1
unsigned long rq_bulk_write:1
unsigned long rq_auth_gss:1
unsigned long rq_auth_remote:1
unsigned long rq_auth_usr_root:1
unsigned long rq_auth_usr_mdt:1
unsigned long rq_pack_udesc:1
unsigned long rq_pack_bulk:1
unsigned long rq_no_reply:1
unsigned long rq_pill_init:1
uid_t rq_auth_uid
uid_t rq_auth_mapped_uid
ptlrpc_user_desc * rq_user_desc
unsigned int rq_reply_off
lustre_msg * rq_reqbuf
int rq_reqbuf_len
int rq_reqdata_len
char * rq_repbuf
int rq_repbuf_len
lustre_msg * rq_repdata
int rq_repdata_len
lustre_msg * rq_clrbuf
int rq_clrbuf_len
int rq_clrdata_len
__u32 rq_req_swab_mask
__u32 rq_rep_swab_mask
int rq_import_generation
enum lustre_imp_state rq_send_state
int rq_early_count
lnet_handle_md_t rq_req_md_h
ptlrpc_cb_id rq_req_cbid
timeval rq_arrival_time
ptlrpc_reply_state * rq_reply_state
ptlrpc_request_buffer_desc * rq_rqbd
lnet_handle_md_t rq_reply_md_h
cfs_waitq_t rq_reply_waitq
ptlrpc_cb_id rq_reply_cbid
lnet_nid_t rq_self
lnet_process_id_t rq_peer
obd_export * rq_export
obd_import * rq_import
void(* rq_replay_cb )(struct ptlrpc_request *)
void(* rq_commit_cb )(struct ptlrpc_request *)
void * rq_cb_data
ptlrpc_bulk_desc * rq_bulk
time_t rq_sent
volatile time_t rq_deadline
time_t rq_reply_deadline
time_t rq_bulk_deadline
int rq_timeout
cfs_list_t rq_set_chain
ptlrpc_request_set * rq_set
ptlrpc_interpterer_t rq_interpret_reply
 Async completion handler.
ptlrpc_async_args rq_async_args
ptlrpc_request_pool * rq_pool
lu_context rq_session
lu_context rq_recov_session
req_capsule rq_pill

Detailed Description

Represents remote procedure call.

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