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16:16, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Easy User Access Jobstats Robinhood-Guibault.pdf (file) 837 KB   1
16:16, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Evaluation DoM DNE Scaling-Simmons.pdf (file) 218 KB   1
16:15, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Update on Secure Lustre Sanger-Beal-Antoniu.pdf (file) 6.04 MB   1
16:15, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Lustre Client Encryption-Buisson.pdf (file) 2.86 MB   1
16:15, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Lustre 2.15 and Beyond-Dilger.pdf (file) 1.59 MB   1
16:12, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Accelerating AI at Scale-Bernauer-Kashinkunti.pdf (file) 4.83 MB   1
16:10, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Lustre at Scale ALCF-Kulyavtsev.pdf (file) 6 MB   1
16:10, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-File Level Erasure Coding-Disney.pdf (file) 335 KB   1
16:09, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-DDN AI EXAScaler-Coomer.pdf (file) 6.1 MB   1
16:09, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Efficient Metadata Scanning ZFS-Miller.pdf (file) 137 KB   1
16:09, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Impact ZFS Direct Performance-Brumgard.pdf (file) 444 KB   1
16:08, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Triad Based Architecture rdlab-Alvarez.pdf (file) 12.93 MB   1
16:08, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Status Linux Native Lustre-Simmons.pdf (file) 138 KB   1
16:07, 20 May 2021 LUG2021-Community Release Update-Jones.pdf (file) 285 KB   1
15:30, 1 October 2020 LUG2020-OpenSFS Update.pdf (file) 610 KB   1
15:29, 1 October 2020 LUG2020-Lustre File System at Fugaku-Tsujita.pdf (file) 1.84 MB   1
15:29, 1 October 2020 LUG2020-Stanford Research Site Update-Thiell.pdf (file) 3.26 MB   1
15:28, 1 October 2020 LUG2020-Scalable Metrics Collection-Eichelberger Hall.pdf (file) 3.16 MB   1
17:15, 16 July 2020 LUG2020-Lustre 2.14 and Beyond-Dilger.pdf (file) 691 KB   1
17:14, 16 July 2020 LUG2020-Community Release Update-Jones.pdf (file) 764 KB   1
02:07, 28 February 2020 Imperative Recovery Design.pdf (file) 427 KB   1
22:57, 23 June 2019 LUG2019-Developer Day-Security Encryption-Buisson.pdf (file) 124 KB   1
22:55, 23 June 2019 LUG2019-Developer Day-ldiskfs Status Foreign Layouts-Dilger.pdf (file) 128 KB   1
15:59, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-IO500 Storage Benchmark for HPC-Dilger.pdf (file) 6.06 MB or years, high performance computing has been dominated by the overwhelming specter of Linpack and the Top500. Many sites, tempted by the allure of fleeting Top500 glory, chased architectures well-suited to Linpack but to the detriment of their core wo... 1
15:58, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-PFL DoM DNE Working Together-Fragalla.pdf (file) 6.41 MB In HPC, when using shared storage, mixed workloads can have a big impact on I/O performance causing considerable slowdown when running small I/O alongside large I/O on the same storage system. With the increase adoption of Flash, and new features in Lu... 1
15:58, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Lustre Overstriping Shared Write Performance-Farrell.pdf (file) 727 KB From its earliest versions, Lustre has included striping files across multiple data targets (OSTs). This foundational feature enables scaling performance of shared-file I/O workloads by striping across additional OSTs. Current Lustre software places on... 1
15:57, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Layering ZFS Pools on Lustre-Mohr.pdf (file) 3.76 MB For most HPC systems, Lustre is a good solution for providing high-bandwidth I/O to shared storage resources that can be accessed simultaneously from many clients for parallel computations. Lustre performs best for large sequential read/write operation... 1
15:56, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Introducing Pool Quotas-Spitz.pdf (file) 1.48 MB With the deployment of heterogenous clusters consisting of some flash OSTs and some disk OSTs, administrators may need to limit an individual’s consumption of the higher-performance OSTs. The Lustre pools feature allows for the grouping of similar OS... 1
15:55, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Unscratching Lustre-Harr.pdf (file) 1.73 MB File systems, especially complex, parallel ones, take many years to mature. Given the risky behavior inherent in adolescence, these young file systems are often used as “scratch” file systems, containing non-critical or easily-reproducible data in... 1
15:55, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Cray Sponsor Presentation.pdf (file) 5.83 MB   1
15:54, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Lustre Compute Canada Deployment Beluga-Guilbault.pdf (file) 2.65 MB The first part of the presentation will present the current landscape of Lustre in Compute Canada. The services available to researchers will be presented, with a quick overview on the Canada-wide scientific software stack and general user environment,... 1
15:54, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-LFSCK Performance Study-Dong.pdf (file) 1.29 MB Lustre, as one of the most popular parallel file systems in high-performance computing (HPC), provides POSIX interface and maintains a large set of POSIX-related metadata, which could be corrupted due to hardware failures, software bugs, configuration... 1
15:53, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-OpenSFS Update.pdf (file) 2.46 MB   1
15:53, 14 June 2019 LAD19 Announce.pdf (file) 578 KB   1
15:52, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-EOFS Update-Jones.pdf (file) 682 KB   1
15:52, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Cross Tier Unified Namespace-Chaarawi.pdf (file) 924 KB This presentation will give an update on the cross-tier unified namespace concept that was introduced at LAD’18. This functionality allows a userspace distributed object store like DAOS to be integrated with a Lustre filesystem under a single un... 1
15:52, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Lustre 2.12 In Production-Thiell.pdf (file) 2.7 MB Since February 2019, Stanford’s Sherlock cluster has been running Lustre 2.12 in production, and has been taking advantage of the latest Lustre features like DNE, DOM and PFL. Managed by the Stanford Research Computing Center, Sherlock is a shared an... 1
15:51, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Migratefs Overlay Filesystem-Thiell.pdf (file) 749 KB I’ll introduce migratefs, an open source overlay file system that we developed in-house, to ease data migration between file systems. When maintaining access to existing data is required, the lifecycling of data storage systems usually presents two m... 1
15:51, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Leader Storage at Scale-Vershon.pdf (file) 7.99 MB   1
15:49, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Smart Policies Data Placement Tiering Lustre-LiXi.pdf (file) 536 KB In a massive storage system, it becomes more and more common to see heterogeneous media being used at the same time. Different types of mechanical hard disks, SSDs and NVMe can all be attached as storage media in a single Lustre file system with a unif... 1
15:48, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Robinhood Reports-Hall.pdf (file) 2.05 MB For many Lustre sites, file system purging is not an option. At these sites, the main way to manage the data on the file system is to rely on users cleaning up on their own. This is frequently a losing situation. Finding data on a file system is a... 1
15:47, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-HSM Data Movement Tiering Layouts-Evans.pdf (file) 6.55 MB External HSM coordinators enable the flexible scheduling of tunable parameters, the addition of prioritized queues for different jobs, and options for improved scalability and data storage routines. In this presentation, I’ll discuss the current stat... 1
15:47, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Lustre Public Clouds-Purushothaman.pdf (file) 6.52 MB An opportunistic trend that is enticing enterprises, national lab and other scientific institutions to move applications out of on-premises infrastructure is the advent of cloud computing. But not every workload and application workflow is suited for t... 1
15:46, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Managing Lustre on AWS FSX-Pollock.pdf (file) 4.13 MB In this presentation we will introduce Amazon FSx for Lustre, a new managed service offering launched at AWS Re:Invent in November 2018. While we already offered Elastic File System (EFS) as a file system on AWS, we heard from customers that their work... 1
15:46, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Kmesh Overview-Vinay.pdf (file) 8.1 MB   1
15:45, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Hybrid Storage with Lustre-Rutman.pdf (file) 9.72 MB Vendors are now offering Lustre storage systems with flash-based OSTs and MDTs in addition to traditional HDD OSTs. With the introduction of multiple classes of storage tiers, new questions arise for system designers. What are the various use cases tha... 1
15:45, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Lustre Arm All Flash-Ward.pdf (file) 14.98 MB Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico teamed up with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in Palo Alto, CA to design, deliver and install the world’s fastest Arm-based supercomputer according to the TOP500 list – Astra. This is the story of... 1
15:43, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Lustre Optimizations for Flash-Ihara.pdf (file) 690 KB This presentation provides fundamental performance evaluation of Lustre on an All-Flash storage system showing the current performance capability of Lustre on low latency NVMe/SSD devices. The presentation includes experimental test results... 1
15:42, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Performance Lustre All Flash OIST-Tanaka.pdf (file) 4.45 MB The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary graduate school offering a 5-year PhD program in Science. Over half of the faculty and students are recruited from outside Japan, and all education and research is cond... 1
15:41, 14 June 2019 LUG2019-Quantitative Approach All Flash Lustre-Lozinskiy.pdf (file) 6.86 MB New experimental and AI-driven workloads are moving into the realm of extreme-scale HPC systems at the same time that high-performance flash is becoming cost-effective to deploy at scale. This confluence poses a number of new technical and economic cha... 1
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