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Note: This page originated on the old Lustre wiki. It was identified as likely having value and was migrated to the new wiki. It is in the process of being reviewed/updated and may currently have content that is out of date.

Access guidelines for contributing code and testing LustreĀ® along with developer resources and tools.

Contributing to LustreĀ® technology

Getting started...

  • See Finding a Project for information about how to select a project, find a bug to fix, help with Lustre testing, or contribute to the Lustre user documentation.
  • Join, post to, and search Lustre mailing lists for developers, administrators, and users.

Developing your code...

Debugging and testing your code...

Submitting your code...

  • See Submitting Changes to find out how to submit your changes to be reviewed for acceptance into a mainline Lustre branch.

Developer Resources

  • Lustre Design Documents provides access to presentations and design documents describing Lustre features currently under development by the Lustre engineering team.
  • The Lustre Design Document Archive contains older architecture and design documents including feature and architectural descriptions, high-level design documents and detailed-level design documents.
  • Lustre Subsystem Map describes each of the subsystems in the Lustre code.

Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or comments about how you can contribute or about any of the procedures on this page, please let us know.