Developer Day 2016-04-04

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OpenSFS hosted a Lustre Developer Day in Portland, Oregon on April 4, 2016. The meeting was held the day before Lustre User Group 2016 began.

The agenda was as follows:

  • Welcome and Logistics - Peter Jones, Intel
  • Various Topics - James Simmons, ORNL
  • Various Topics - Andreas Dilger, Intel
  • Automatic Storage Contention Alleviation and Reduction System - Yan Li, UCSC
  • Identification and Elimination of Technical Debt - Ben Evans, Cray
  • Upstreaming of Features from FEFS- Shinji Sumimoto, Fujitsu
  • Coverage Analysis Automation in Lustre Testing - Alexander Lezhoev, Seagate
  • Bulk MDT Scans/Replacing KUC - Henri Doreau, CEA
  • OpenSource copy tool - Robert Reed, Intel
  • Wrap up - Peter Jones, Intel