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Lustre Development Activities

The next release under development (accepting new features)

If you are looking for small development projects to add minor improvements to Lustre and/or become more familiar with the code and development process, there is a keyword easy that is added to tickets that are suitable: easier development items

Submitting Changes

The Submitting Changes page covers steps you'll need to follow to contribute code changes.

Code Reviews

The Code Reviewers page lists people willing to perform code reviews on particular sections of the Lustre code.

Upstream contributing

The Upstream contributing page covers how to contribute to the Linux kernel Lustre client.

Updating Documentation

Updating the Lustre User Manual is a very useful way for non-coders to contribute to Lustre. See Making Changes to the Lustre Manual for more information on how to contribute changes, and the list of open documentation tickets.

Developer Meetings

Feature Development

All known development efforts are tracked on the Projects page. The Architecture and Design documents of various projects are available for review and future reference.

Please see Lustre Coding Style Guidelines and Lustre Style Guide Includes for information about writing Lustre code, and Submitting Changes for details on how to submit patches. There is also Lustre Script Coding Style for writing test scripts.

Patches and landing status can be tracked via some Gerrit searches courtesy of John Hammond:

Protocol Documentation

There is some work-in-progress Lustre Protocol Documentation available (PDF format). While the documentation is not complete, it may still prove to be a valuable resource for developers, and contributions and improvements to the protocol documentation project are welcome.