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Note: This page originated on the old Lustre wiki. It was identified as likely having value and was migrated to the new wiki. It is in the process of being reviewed/updated and may currently have content that is out of date.

Access resources such as information about current and upcoming Lustre features, a roadmap, publications about Lustre and training opportunities.

Interoperability, Features and Roadmap

These resources detail Lustre releases and plans.

  • Lustre 1.8 describes features and benefits offered by upgrading to Lustre 1.8.
  • Lustre 2.0 describes features being developed for the next-generation release of Lustre.


Use these resources to learn about Lustre.

  • Lustre Presentations by Lustre engineers at Lustre User Group meetings, conferences, Lustre all-hands meetings, and other Lustre-related events.
  • Lustre Publications from a variety of sources, including links to videos and podcasts, white papers and blueprints.

Lustre Projects and Future Features

To learn about active Lustre projects that span releases or features that are not in Lustre 1.8 or Lustre 2.0, see Lustre Projects.

Lustre Internals


Lustre training is available from Oracle University at locations in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and APAC countries.