Minutes 2016-03-31

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  • Updating the "Getting Started With Lustre" page
    • ORNL "Lustre 101"[0] suggested
    • Intel "Architecting a High-Performance Storage System"[1] suggested
    • Series of guides starting from a simple working VM setup moving through basic administration tasks
  • Front Pages
    • LAD 2016 information will be released next week, update "Upcoming Events" section then
  • LLNL build work &
    • Question moving forward of how to best integrate with
    • Locally hosted packages for a variety of distributions for the current feature release would be helpful
  • HPDD Wiki Migration
    • LOWG coordinating with HPDD to find community applicable pages and potentially migrate to
    • Next step is to put together a list to present to HPDD for approval
    • Created HPDD table on migration page [2] and added all pages. Page titles currently not links, will address that soon.
  • Topic Ownership
    • Need for subject matter experts that the LOWG would coordinate with on the topic. No specific commitment of hours to devote. Work with experts to manage existing content and to create new content for the topic (wiki pages, guides, creating FAQs from Mailing Lists/IRC questions, etc.)
    • Justin Miller has volunteered to own the Testing topic (Thanks!)
    • Suggestion of the Lustre Wiki "Code Reviewers" page for likely candidates
  • Scheduling next call​
    • The next call scheduled for April 21st at 12pm EST