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The Working Group manages the web domain and its associated content. The domain is a shared asset of European Open File Systems (EOFS) and Open Scalable File Systems (OpenSFS).

Key People

  • Aurélien Degremont (EOFS) - Liaison
  • Christopher Morrone (OpenSFS) - Liaison, Chair
  • Richard Friedman (OpenSFS) - Technical Designee
  •  ? (EOFS) - Technical Designee
  • Colin Faber (Seagate)
  • Hugo Falter (EOFS)
  • Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere (EOFS)
  • Chris Moser (Seagate)

Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes 2015-04-02 - Meeting occurred.
  • Minutes 2015-03-05 - Meeting occurred.
  • Minutes 2015-02-05 - Meeting occurred.

Private Mailing List

Meeting Frequency

"The Working Group will initially meet at least monthly for the first 6 months and will agree upon the desired frequency of meetings thereafter (but no less often than quarterly)."