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Note: This page originated on the old Lustre wiki. It was identified as likely having value and was migrated to the new wiki. It is in the process of being reviewed/updated and may currently have content that is out of date.

(Updated: Feb 2008)

Lustre™ internals are now available to the public, as PDFs on this page.

Historically, Lustre internals have been presented as part of the Lustre Advanced (L2) training class. The internals files available here are PDFs of those training files.

Lustre Architecture

The Lustre Architecture presentation includes the following topics:

  • LNET
  • Ext3
  • DLM
  • I/O protocol
  • Metadata protocol
  • Configuration protocol
  • Recovery
  • OST / MDT disk layout

Get the Lustre Architecture internals

Log Analysis

The Log Analysis presentation includes the following topics:

  • Goal of log analysis
  • Generating logs
  • Understanding logs
  • Log analysis tools
  • Lock dumps
  • Stack traces
  • Crash/gdb - mcore/netdump

Get the Log Analysis internals

Sample Lustre Implementation

The Sample Lustre Implementation presentation includes the following topics:

  • Mount in general
  • Mount on clients
  • Mount on servers
  • Open O_CREAT
  • File size
  • File I/O

Get the Sample Lustre implementation internals