Lustre System Configuration Utilities

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Note: This page originated on the old Lustre wiki. It was identified as likely having value and was migrated to the new wiki. It is in the process of being reviewed/updated and may currently have content that is out of date.

(Updated: Jan 2010)

A set of system configuration utilities are provided with Lustre. These utilities include:

mkfs.lustre - Used to format a disk for a Lustre service.
tunefs.lustre - Used to modify configuration information on a Lustre target disk.
lctl - Used to directly control Lustre via an ioctl interface, allowing various configuration, maintenance and debugging features to be accessed.
mount.lustre - Used to start a Lustre client or target service.

For examples using these utilities, see:

For more information about the Lustre system configuration utilities, see Chapter 36: System Configuration Utilities in the Lustre Operations Manual. This chapter also describes other system configuration utilities, as well as utilities to manage large clusters, perform application profiling, and test and debug Lustre.

For additional information and examples, see the following chapters in the Lustre Operations Manual: