Lustre User Group 2020

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LUG 2020 was to be held in Berkeley, CA from June 9th-12th at NERSC, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center. Unfortunately, with the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on individuals, families, and communities all over the world, the in-person LUG events were cancelled.

In its place, a series of online webinars that span topics of interest that would normally be covered at LUG will be presented.

LUG 2020 Virtual Agenda

Wednesday, June 17th Webinar

12:00=pm Lustre Community Release Update (video)
Peter Jones, OpenSFS Lustre Working Group
12:30pm OpenSFS Update (video)
OpenSFS Board of Directors
1:00pm DDN Sponsor Presentation (video)
James Coomer, DDN
1:20pm Lustre 2.14 and Beyond (video)
Andreas Dilger, Whamcloud

Wednesday, August 5th Virtual Developer Day

8:00-10:00am Security Update
Sébastien Buisson, Whamcloud

Wednesday, September 9th Webinar

12:00-12:30pm Scalable Metrics Collection using Prometheus and Thanos (video)
Shawn Hall and Jonathan Eichelberger, BP
12:30-1:00pm HA NVMe & PCI3 Gen4 Platform Update plus ZFS Multi-JBOD Cascade Support (video)
Doug Johnson and Jeff Johnson, Aeon
1:00-1:20pm Stanford Site Update (video)
Stephane Thiell, Stanford Site Update
1:20-2:00pm Status of Lustre-Based File System at the Supercomputer Fugaku (video)
Yuichi Tsujita, RIKEN