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=== Upcoming ===
=== Upcoming ===
* Lustre Users Group 2020 (LUG'20) - NERSC, Berkley, California
* [http://opensfs.org/lustre-webinar-series/ Lustre Webinar Series]
* [https://sc18.supercomputing.org/presentation/?id=bof176&sess=sess431 SC19 Lustre Community BOF] - November 18-21 - Denver, Colorado
* [https://sc18.supercomputing.org/presentation/?id=bof176&sess=sess431 SC19 Lustre Community BOF] - November 18-21 - Denver, Colorado
* [https://www.jlug.info/ Japan LUG 2019] – October 23, 2018 - Tokyo, Japan
* [https://www.jlug.info/ Japan LUG 2019] – October 23, 2018 - Tokyo, Japan

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This site, wiki.lustre.org, is the main community repository for Lustre information. Consult the sidebar for links to major Lustre topics.

Learn more about Lustre at http://www.lustre.org.

Lustre Software Releases


Current Maintenance Release

Current Major Release

Major Release In Development

Release Roadmap

Lustre Enables High Performance, Massively Scalable Storage

Lustre is an open-source, distributed parallel file system software platform designed for scalability, high-performance, and high-availability.

Lustre is purpose-built to provide a coherent, global POSIX-compliant namespace for very large scale computer infrastructure, including the world's largest supercomputer platforms. It can support hundred's of petabytes of data storage and hundreds of gigabytes per second in simultaneous, aggregate throughput. Some of the largest current installations have individual file systems in excess of fifty petabytes of usable capacity, and have reported throughput speeds exceeding one terabyte/sec.


Introduction to Lustre

Lustre Systems Administration

Lustre Manual

  • The latest Lustre Operations Manual is available for download in several formats:

Contributing to the Lustre Project



Lustre Conferences

Lustre Conferences has copies of presentations and videos from previous Lustre User Group (LUG) and other conferences.



For a complete list of past events, see the Events category page

Lustre.org Infrastructure

See Lustre.org Infrastructure for information on the lustre.org and opensfs.org websites.

Note: The previous (now outdated) Lustre wiki is currently preserved for posterity at wiki.old.lustre.org.