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This is the main community repository for Lustre knowledge and documentation. Content will grow as we update and bring together information from various sources. Consult the sidebar for links to major Lustre topics. Learn more about Lustre at Documentation is available at

Note that previous outdated Lustre wiki is currently preserved for posterity at

Introduction to Lustre

Lustre* is an open-source, global single-namespace, POSIX-compliant, distributed parallel file system designed for scalability, high-performance, and high-availability. Lustre runs on Linux-based operating systems and employs a client-server network architecture. Storage is provided by a set of servers that can scale to populations measuring up to several hundred hosts. Lustre servers for a single file system instance can, in aggregate, present up to tens of petabytes of storage to thousands of compute clients, with more than a terabyte-per-second of combined throughput.

The Lustre Systems Administration Guide describes the various components of Lustre, and provides an overview of how to configure Lustre.


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Get Involved with Lustre Development Infrastructure

See Infrastructure for information on the and websites.