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(Draft version - work in progress)

Current Schedule

  • June 30 2018 - Feature Cut-off (Only features will patches already in review at this point still considered)
  • Aug 21 2018 - Feature Freeze (Final date for features to land for 2.12)
  • Sep 30 2018 - Code Freeze
  • Oct 31 2018 - Release 2.12.0

(Note: these are very rough guidelines. For more accurate details on the schedule please refer to LWG call minutes)


Test Matrix

  • Servers: RHEL 7.5
  • Clients RHEL 7.5, SLES 12 SP3, Ubuntu 18.04
  • OFED: inkernel
  • E2FSProgs: v1.42.13.wc6
  • Interoperability: 2.11, Latest 2.10.X Servers/Clients


The following features are under active development and could be possible for landing during the 2.12 release cycle

Feature Developers Reviewers Testers Docs Confirmed in 2.12
LNet Network Health Amir Shehata Sonia Sharma, Olaf Weber Jian Yu Amir Shehata, LUDOC-396 Yes
DNE Directory Restriping Lai Siyao Andreas Dilger, Alex Zhuravlev Sarah Liu Lai Siyao, LUDOC-395 Yes
Lazy Size on MDT Yingjin Qian Alex Zhuravlev Lai Siyao Rahul Deshmukh Yingjin Qian, LUDOC-402 Yes

General Work and Maintenance

From the Lustre project page in the Lustre issue tracker, we can see a dashboard for the project. On that page under the "Versions: Unreleased" section, there are links to future releases and all of the issues that are either targeted to be addressed in that release, or are already addressed for the release. Here is a shortcut to Lustre 2.12.0's issue summary page:

Any issue that contains "Lustre 2.12.0" in the "Fix Version/s" field of a ticket is intended to be fixed for version 2.12.0. The Lustre 2.12.0 Issues list is fluid, and will be updated on a continual basis as resources and priorities change.

If you would like to own one or more tasks for the release but are not currently listed in the drop-down list of developers in JIRA then please email Peter Jones to get that setup

A convenience search filter is supplied for anyone looking for work that needs to be done for 2.12.0:

In addition, a search filter is available for anyone looking to start Lustre development with some simple development tasks, or anyone with a few minutes/hours available to improve Lustre: