Test Groups for Patch Testing

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When a patch is submitted to Lustre, automated testing is run against a build of Lustre with the submitted patch. Some of these test groups must pass testing, enforced test groups, and others may fail, optional test groups.

Enforced Test Groups

There are nine test groups that every patch submitted to Lustre must pass in order for a patch to be considered for landing. If there is a failure in any one of these test sessions, a patch will not be allowed to land to the Lustre branch. The Lustre test suites that compose each test group are listed in the following table and run in the order below every time they are executed.

review-ldiskfs review-zfs
sanity sanity-quota
lnet-selftest sanity-flr

Test groups confgured with DNE; all tests run with 2 MDSs with 2 MDTs each.

review-dne-part-1 review-dne-zfs-part-1 review-dne-part-2 review-dne-zfs-part-2 review-dne-part-3 review-dne-zfs-part-3 review-dne-part-4
sanity sanity runtests runtests conf-sanity conf-sanity mmp
sanityn sanityn ost-pools ost-pools replay-single
recovery-small recovery-small sanity-hsm sanity-hsm sanity-pfl
lustre-rsync-test lustre-rsync-test sanity-scrub sanity-scrub sanity-flr
sanity-lfsck sanity-lfsck sanity-dom
sanity-sec sanity-sec sanity-quota
mds-survey mds-survey replay-ost-single
large-scale large-scale insanity

Optional Test Groups

In addition to the enforced test groups, there are two optional test groups that do not influence if a patch can land. These optional test groups will become enforced test groups for patch landing in the near future and should be reviewed for failures.

The Lustre test suites that compose each optional test group are:

review-ldiskfs-arm review-dne-zfs-part-4
sanity mmp
lnet-selftest replay-single