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Solutions Architect

Abe Asraoui Santa Cruz ca 95065 (831) 818-1815

[email protected]

Professional Experience

Supermicro: Super Storage Group San Jose, CA Solutions Architect 2/2015-Present • Responsible for Ceph and Lustre Storage Solutions Go To Market Strategy. • Managing Vendor & Partner Relationship to deliver Customized Open Source Solutions to prospective


Cisco Systems: Cloud Virtualization Group San Jose, CA Technical Leader 12/2010-1/2015 • Responsible for the Development and Test of the SM in Agile Scrum Methodology. • Drove the Code Coverage Improvement Methods and Measurements at runtime on the Node.Js source code. • UT/FT functional Testing included REST APIs, MongoDB, Docserver, Redis, Zookeeper. • Build out and tested the End-to-End Media Origination Suite test bed for VOD scenarios. • UCS VMware-based clustered virtual network with High Availability (HA) were covered as a solution to • TWC / Comcast. • Performed the testing of the Mobile App with DeviceAnyware software on the Android Devices. Service Mobility Business Unit San Jose, CA Senior Integration & Test Engineer IV 8/2008-12/2010 • Project Lead for the Common OS Linux Service Infrastructure Initiative. • Championed the idea, process and development of COSTF Test Framework to support the Common OS Linux Infrastructure. • Lead the System Integration team and support for pre-sales engineers in the deployment and system level testing of 3G GGSN and 4G LTE Mobile gateway solutions / protocols for EFT at Verizon. • Coordinated system level testing with Spirent as a vendor of choice for Mobile IP, key features requirements were implemented in the Spirent software which has enabled DT team to validate over 500 mobile handsets with the call rate average 5cps. Carrier Routing Systems Business Unit San Jose, CA Integration & Test Engineer III 2/2005-8/2008 • Systems integration testing for projects involving various aspects of Cisco's flagship router, the CRS. • Responsible for system integration tests of the CRS platform and routing protocols OSPF, BGP, Multicast in a scaled and integrated environments. • Features include OSPF Multi area Adjacencies, Access List Based Forwarding, BFD, EIGRP, BGP, Multicast, Logical Routers, ISSU, characterization of the routing protocols with respect to Cisco NSF on Multi chassis, Firefly and CRS1-16. • SMU validation & verification on IP test bed for customer network deployment. Media Service Business Unit San Jose, CA Senior Integration & Test Engineer II 4/2000-2/2005 • Responsible for the MGX interoperability with the Lucent H248 MEGACO CALLAGENT Partner, pushed integration verification efforts to allow Cisco's MGX8850 VOIP gateway to communicate (H.248 call-control protocol, etc) with Lucent's Call Agent. • Performed performance testing 70cps with the Lucent SOFTSWITCH. Majority of the customers reported issues were reproduced and found in the SIT interoperability and regression testing phases. This facilitated quicker turnarounds in addressing customers found defects. • Setup BTS / MGX test environments for SS7 / PRI TGCP 1.0 and provided training and support to DE and team members for BTS/VXSM interoperability / Call Load testing and troubleshooting. • Test cases are automated and portable to regression test suite using TCL / TK with ATS. As a result, no additional bugs were found in Development Test which are associated with these features. • Responsible for the integration features testing of the VISM HAWAI & BFG VXSM products. • Wrote test plans for the following features: MGCP 1.0, Software Upgrades, BFG CLIs, Basic VOIP/TDM Bearer, Load Stress Testing & Endurance. • Fully Automated test cases using ATS infrastructure for regression testing, wrote library functions and IOAB templates to automate VISM/VXSM products configurations, MGCP call flows and facilitate the use of GTEA APIs to control external test equipment. This has significantly improved productivity of the development and the integration teams in unit and integration testing.

Intel Corporation: Santa Clara Validation Center Santa Clara, CA Product Engineer 7/94-4/2000 • Developed Embedded C test programs for functional / structural memory algorithmic tests, This resulted in test time reduction as specific memory algorithmic tests proved to be more efficient in capturing defects than others. • Responsible for the J973St Tester Hardware / Software validation to enable Merced ™ testing, validation of the Bitmap tool / Scanner Hardware and the Memory Test Option @ 200MHZ. • Managed the Integration & validation of the the EIClient / J973St / Summit Handler for the IA64 bit Merced ™ Class testing. • Participated in the Merced ™ PBIC test program development and defined Isb / Dicc Test limits Methodology. • Developed NGBI sequence for MTV and feasibility study of the Array Serial Read Write for the NGBI platform. • Participated in the validation of three major ASAP releases, developed test programs and tests plans used as an integral baseline in the validation of future ASAP releases. • Coordinated with the Schlumberger software release manager the release of two rdp to support memory • Parallel testing mode. • Planned and conducted the validation and deployment of the Software patches to the factories. • Graduate Rotation Engineer 7/94-8/1995 • Joined the Intel’s Rotation Engineer Program, worked in four different business groups from Automation, Development, Technical Marketing & Pre-Sales organizations.

University of California Santa Cruz 1994 B.S Computer Engineering Languages: Assembly on 6800/80x86, C, C++, Python, Java, Ruby, Java, Perl, Tcl, Tk, Expect, Selenium, Verilog, HTML.

Stanford University 2014 Advanced Project Management Program

HP Seed Intern 1993

Operating Systems & Software: MS Software suite, ATE (ASAP, Teradyne), Unix ( RedHat, Centos, Entreprise, Ubuntu ), Vax, MGX8260, CRS, GSR, Virtual Switch Controller, TCP/IP, Sage, Abacus, iNet, VMware ESXi, Cisco IOS, IOS-XR, Agilent RT, Ixia, Spirent, VMware vCenter, Node.js, UCS, Nexus, MDS, OpenStack, SDN, NFV, Ceph, Lustre

Foreign Languages: French/Spanish.

Classes taken at Intel/Cisco: Agilent Python Perl CCIE Data Center Agile Fundamentals CCNP MPLS IXIA Digital Sem. Testing Ninja Security 3G / 4G LTE Videoscape Tcl / Tk /Expect BTS Spirent Mobility

Interests: soccer, skiing.

Toolapaloza: 1st place Cisco Innovation Test Conference Award Winner 2013 “Continuous Integration & Code Coverage Improvement”

References available upon request US Citizen