Minutes 2014-12-17

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  • Galen Shipman
  • Colin Faber
  • Aurélien Degremont
  • Richard Friedman
  • Christopher Morrone


This was the first meeting of the Working Group.

Introduction by Galen.

Some discussion about leaders of the working group.

Discussion ensued about several technical details of how the transfer from Seagate to EOFS/OpenSFS will be handled.

Chris brought discussion back to the contractual requirements of the Working Group formation.

Working Group Liaison positions described.

Chris Morrone designated as OpenSFS Liaison.

Aurélien Degremont designated as EOFS Liaison (perhaps pending final approval from EOFS).

Working Group Technical Designee postition described. Requirement of average of 10 hours per week spent working on Both OpenSFS and EOFS need to have a Technical Designee.

Richard Friedman is designated as the OpenSFS Technical Designee.

Next position called out in the contract is the Working Group Chair. A call for volunteers was made. Chris Morrone volunteered.

Chris Morrone designated the Working Group Chair.

More discussion about meeting frequency and next steps.

Talked about what do do with home page as the first temporary step. Aurélien suggested a simple page advertising new ownership and pointing to most current info (probably Chris suggested a quick refresh of to give EOFS equal branding, and then using that directly as the temporary content for Both approaches have merit. We should be able to pick one easily when the time comes.

Colin has already made some good progress gathering information about the DNS entries, server hosting details, and content of the various assets.

Action Items

  • EOFS to identify Technical Designee (Aurélien)
  • Create complete list of assets (Colin)
  • Create Working Group meeting invite (Chris)
  • Create Working Group wiki page, temporarily hosted at until established (Chris)
  • Create Working Group mailing list (Chris)