Lustre 2.10.1 Changelog

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Server support for kernels:

  • RHEL 7.4 (3.10.0-693.2.2.el7)

Client support for unpatched kernels:

  • RHEL 6.9 (2.6.32-696.10.3.el6)
  • RHEL 7.4 (3.10.0-693.2.2.el7)
  • SLES12 SP2 (4.4.74-92.35)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (4.4.0-71)

Recommended e2fsprogs version:

  • v1.42.13.wc6

Interoperability Support:

  • Clients & Servers: Latest 2.9.X

Issues fixed between 2.10.0 and 2.10.1


  • LU-7899: osd_xattr_set() to batch actual EA update
  • LU-8275: ssk: add flag to test suite to enable ssk for tests
  • LU-8618: improvements
  • LU-8619: Lustre to build against ZFS 0.7.0
  • LU-9183: Support for linux 4.9 kernels
  • LU-9494: Improve message for skipping tests
  • LU-9716: osc_extent_tree_dump0() implementation is suboptimal
  • LU-9775: find kernel-devel even if the current kernel is not installed in the build root
  • LU-9776: lustre-client cannot be installed if both client and server repos are configured
  • LU-9781: Improve catalog full warning in llog_cat_new_log
  • LU-9816: kernel upgrade [RHEL7.4 3.10.0-693.el7]
  • LU-9850: the patchless client should not allow the patched kernel to satisfy it's dependencies
  • LU-9866: kernel update [SLES12 SP2 4.4.74-92.35]
  • LU-9890: osd-zfs: ZFS dmu_objset_own and dmu_objset_disown interface changes
  • LU-9907: lbuild to support patchless server
  • LU-9979: kernel update [RHEL6.9 2.6.32-696.10.2.el6]


  • LU-282: Some tests in the framework do not properly mark their beginning and end. For example test_27b in sanity.
  • LU-7372: replay-dual test_26: test failed to respond and timed out
  • LU-8062: recovery-small test_115b: @@@@@@ FAIL: dd success
  • LU-8703: rework CPU partition code
  • LU-8760: sanity-lfsck test 31g hung
  • LU-8885: zconf_mount_clients() defect
  • LU-8935: "Lustre mount re-export via NFS long timeouts
  • LU-8958: remove code left unused after lloop removal
  • LU-9104: Unknown config param in llog fails mounting target
  • LU-9203: parallel-scale-nfsv3 test_compilebench: MDS hit BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request
  • LU-9219: conf-sanity test_56: failed with timeout
  • LU-9235: LNet: Service thread pid 13033 was inactive for 0.00s.
  • LU-9266: Mount hung due to double HSM RESTORE records
  • LU-9345: tests: sanity-hsm: test_29d: hsm_remove needs --mntpath for deleted files
  • LU-9364: replay-vbr test_1c: FAIL: fre0215 : Can not get multiop_pid from /tmp/
  • LU-9410: on-disk bitmap corrupted
  • LU-9442: OST unable to precreate new objects after reaching 0xFFFFFFFF
  • LU-9499: sanity-lfsck test_18f: @@@@@@ FAIL: (2) MDS3 is not the expected 'partial'
  • LU-9500: MOFED 4/mlx5: Aligning non-aligned page addresses trigger dump_cqe
  • LU-9505: lfs changelog fails for MDT index containing numerals [A-F]
  • LU-9514: sanity test 51f times out due to out of memory
  • LU-9545: "report inconsistent instead of ""fixed"" for LFSCK dry runs"
  • LU-9597: "sanity-quota test_33: 'Used space for project 1000:18432
  • LU-9654: fix problem of Remove Archive on Last Unlink policy
  • LU-9671: Group quota not enforced on clients with mapped GID
  • LU-9683: Negative value reported for req_waittime mdt stat
  • LU-9710: adjust barrier_stat input and output format
  • LU-9725: Mount commands don't return for targets in LFS with DNE and 3 MDTs
  • LU-9728: out of memory on OSS causing allocation failures or hung threads
  • LU-9729: "missing mutex unlock in lnet_dyn_add_net()"
  • LU-9731: kmods need to be limited to EL minor release kernel
  • LU-9740: Most of OSTs remounted read-only due to abort transaction in __ldiskfs_handle_dirty_metadata
  • LU-9744: HS_DIRTY/CLF_HSM_DIRTY can be wrongly reported upon HSM action error
  • LU-9745: dkms-lustre does not install all modules on initial autoinstall
  • LU-9750: misc code cleanups in nrs policy code
  • LU-9753: OFD destroy non-orphan OST-object because of overflow
  • LU-9758: configure --disable-test or --disable-iokit fails to build rpms
  • LU-9767: FS name checking got removed
  • LU-9772: enable ZFS MMP feature on new zpools
  • LU-9778: ll_read_ahead_pages no longer returns count of pages
  • LU-9799: mount doesn't return an error when failing
  • LU-9817: Multi-Rail Crash on message free
  • LU-9826: conf-sanity: test 32b failed with 1
  • LU-9828: LBUG ASSERTION( desc->bd_nob_transferred == 0 ) failed:
  • LU-9841: 2.10 don't use 4-16MB rpc at all
  • LU-9842: If you disable xattr cache on client and run sanity 102n it will crash the MDS server
  • LU-9848: LBUG: ASSERTION( len >= (24) && (len & 0x7) == 0 ) failed
  • LU-9856: NULL pointer dereference in mdd_xattr_list()
  • LU-9869: fix incorrect arguments order calling lstcon_session_new
  • LU-9960: Rolling downgrade master to 2.10 - unable to import zpools

Technical Tasks

  • LU-9347: Getting BLKSSZGET using ioctl