Lustre 2.10.6 Changelog

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Server support for kernels:

  • RHEL 7.6 (3.10.0-957.el7)

Client support for unpatched kernels:

  • RHEL 6.10 (2.6.32-754.6.3.el6)
  • RHEL 7.6 (3.10.0-957.el7)
  • SLES12 SP3 (4.4.155-94.50)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (4.4.0-131)

Recommended e2fsprogs version:

  • v1.42.13.wc6

Interoperability Support:

  • Clients & Servers: Latest 2.9.X

Issues fixed between 2.10.5 and 2.10.6


  • LU-1895: Failover Test failure on test suite mmp, subtest test_5
  • LU-7988: HSM: high lock contention for cdt_llog_lock
  • LU-8200: sanityn test_33c: FAIL: Sync-Lock-Cancel not triggered
  • LU-9273: replay-ost-single test_5: timeout after ost failover
  • LU-9372: OOM happens on OSS during Lustre recovery for more than 5000 clients
  • LU-9664: sanity-hsm test_9a: @@@@@@ FAIL: mds4 CDT state is not 'disabled'
  • LU-9887: sanity-lfsck test_9a: FAIL: (4) Got speed 952, expected less than 144
  • LU-9983: LBUG llog_osd.c:327:llog_osd_declare_write_rec() - all DNE MDS
  • LU-10055: mds_fill_lvbo() message spew on MDS console
  • LU-10157: LNET_MAX_IOV hard coded to 256
  • LU-10174: Lustre master (pre-2.11) fails to build against ZFS
  • LU-10394: IB_MR_TYPE_SG_GAPS mlx5 LNet performance drop
  • LU-10459: LBUG o2iblnd_cb.c:991:kiblnd_check_sends_locked()) ASSERTION( conn->ibc_nsends_posted <= conn->ibc_queue_depth ) failed:
  • LU-10505: sanity test_56w: '/usr/bin/lfs getstripe -c /mnt/lustre/d56w.sanityw/file1 wrong: found 7, expected 6
  • LU-10560: Fixes for 4.14 kernel
  • LU-10575: No mdsrate on Ubuntu client
  • LU-10579: chlg: -1(null) changelog for setfattr on trusted.*
  • LU-10584: Interop 2.10.2 <-> 2.11 sanityn test_51d: FAIL: rss before: 1024, after 1024, some pages remained
  • LU-10603: ptlrpc_lprocfs_req_buffers_max_fops unused
  • LU-10803: req_buffers_max and req_history_max setting problems
  • LU-10985: Attempting to send a mkdir create intents crashes server
  • LU-11068: "not a valid identifier" in lbuild caused by an extra space
  • LU-11125: ofd_create_hdl() destroys_in_progress already cleared
  • LU-11160: build: implicit dependency on libuuid-devel
  • LU-11186: Cannot create files on MDT1, ofd_precreate_objects()) snx11205-OST0001:0xffffffdd:11811161088 hit the OBIF_MAX_OID (1<<32)!
  • LU-11187: MMP updated sometimes failes T10PI checks
  • LU-11195: LBUG: (lod_lov.c:633:lod_free_comp_buffer()) ASSERTION( entry->llc_stripe == ((void *)0) )
  • LU-11201: NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup in lfsck_namespace
  • LU-11215: conf-sanity test_61: Invalid filesystem option set: large_xattr
  • LU-11227: client process hangs when lod_sync accesses deactivated OSTs
  • LU-11254: kernel update [RHEL6.10 2.6.32-754.3.5.el6]
  • LU-11255: kernel update [SLES12 SP3 4.4.143-94.47.1]
  • LU-11412: kernel update [SLES12 SP3 4.4.155-94.50.1]
  • LU-11424: incorrect amount of cpts copied to lnet_cpts
  • LU-11448: kernel update [RHEL7.5 3.10.0-862.14.4.el7]
  • LU-11500: kernel update [RHEL6.10 2.6.32-754.6.3.el6]
  • LU-11525: support for RHEL 7.6
  • LU-11563: 99-lustre.rules on clients tries to execute non-existent /usr/sbin/l_tunedisk
  • LU-11663: corrupt data after page-unaligned write with zfs backend lustre 2.10


  • LU-9160: Very slow mount of 300TB+ ldiskfs volume