Lustre 2.12.1 Changelog

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Server support for kernels:

  • RHEL 7.6 (3.10.0-957.10.1.el7)

Client support for unpatched kernels:

  • RHEL 7.6 (3.10.0-957.10.1.el7)
  • SLES12 SP4 (4.12.14-95.13.1)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 (4.15.0-45)

Recommended e2fsprogs version:

  • v1.44.5.wc1

Interoperability Support:

  • Clients & Servers: Latest 2.10.X and Latest 2.11.X

Issues fixed between 2.12.0 and 2.12.1

New Feature

  • LU-8384: convert startup scripts to systemd unit files for EL7


  • LU-8955: Send SELinux policy info to server
  • LU-9625: remove "lfs ls" and "lfs cp" and references
  • LU-11010: Remove call to ‘return’ after call to ‘skip’ in Lustre test suites
  • LU-11415: ksocklnd performance improvement on 40Gbps ethernet
  • LU-11555: warn when mounting ZFS pools without "multihost" enabled
  • LU-11607: Reduce repeated function calls in Lustre test suites
  • LU-11736: Do not apply bulk IO tuning on MDT or MGT devices
  • LU-11739: Don't inherit default layout from root for new subdirectories
  • LU-11830: Quiet compiler warnings on ARM
  • LU-11834: config instance truncation due to buffer size mismatch
  • LU-11902: Remove obsolete lustre-utils files and entries for DEB packages
  • LU-11913: mq-deadline should be in the list of allowed schedulers
  • LU-11974: Improve llapi_layout_get_by_xattr()
  • LU-11999: DNE performance improvement
  • LU-12015: Update Changelog for ubuntu kernel version


  • LU-7558: niobuf.c:721:ptl_send_rpc() LASSERT(AT_OFF || imp_state != LUSTRE_IMP_FULL || imp_msghdr_flags & MSGHDR_AT_SUPPORT ...)
  • LU-7631: conf-sanity test_82a: getstripe -c wrong: found 2, expected 3
  • LU-9193: Multiple hangs observed with many open/getattr
  • LU-9706: conf-sanity test_53a: MDS soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 22s in osd_trans_commit_cb()
  • LU-10143: LBUG dt_object.h:2166:dt_declare_record_write
  • LU-10384: Replace nids doesn't add failover nid and add_conn string to config
  • LU-10496: sanity-dom sanity test_39k: FAIL: mtime is lost on close: 1515705427, should be 1484169395
  • LU-10913: conf-sanity test_106: OST0000-osc-MDT0000: can't cancel record
  • LU-11111: crash doing LFSCK: orph_index_insert()) ASSERTION( !(obj->mod_flags & ORPHAN_OBJ)
  • LU-11161: sanity test_160g fails for DNE with mds2: User cl9 still registered
  • LU-11206: recovery-mds-scale test failover_ost fails with 'import is not in FULL state'
  • LU-11208: Interop 2.10.4<->master sanity test_27G: 'testpool' is not empty
  • LU-11243: Assertion and hang upon lod_add_device failure
  • LU-11330: replay-single test_70d: Directory not empty rmdir fails
  • LU-11401: Interop: sanity-flr test 203 needs server version check
  • LU-11402: Interop: sanity-quota test 60 needs a server version check
  • LU-11418: hung threads on MDT and MDT won't umount
  • LU-11568: Get rid of SLAB_DESTROY_BY_RCU
  • LU-11579: cl_file_inode_init()) ASSERTION(inode->i_state & (1 << 3) ) failed:
  • LU-11591: MDS n003 crash, LustreError: 20558:0:(osp_sync.c:1258:osp_sync_thread()) ASSERTION( thread->t_flags != SVC_RUNNING ) failed: 4632 changes, 16403 in progress, 0 in flight
  • LU-11605: create_count stuck in 0 after changeing max_create_count to 0 and back 20 000
  • LU-11620: BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at mm/slub.c:940
  • LU-11625: ls -l returns "ls: cannot access Invalid argument"
  • LU-11647: niobuf.c:330:ptlrpc_register_bulk()) ASSERTION( desc->bd_md_count == 0 ) failed:
  • LU-11658: The cl_cache may be uninitialized while osc is activating
  • LU-11696: "lfs getsom" returns "24" (sizeof lustre_som_attr) to userspace
  • LU-11712: Lustre build fails when CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INTEGRITY is unset
  • LU-11720: SRPM unnecessarily tied to kernel version
  • LU-11723: kernel update [RHEL7.6 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7]
  • LU-11737: LustreError: 11060:0:(osd_handler.c:3985:osd_xattr_set()) ASSERTION( handle ) failed:
  • LU-11742: ERROR: RPATH is not allowed
  • LU-11750: lsvcgssd crash with latest krb5-libs
  • LU-11752: sanity test 271f fails with '1 READ RPC occured'
  • LU-11757: lfs mkdir: Cannot allocate memory
  • LU-11770: preserve kernel API when T10-PI patches are applied
  • LU-11773: setstripe YAML API does not support lcme_flags
  • LU-11777: interop: sanityn test 102 fails with 'check_fhandle_syscalls failed'
  • LU-11790: ext4: include terminating u32 in size of xattr entries when expanding inodes
  • LU-11798: cur_grant goes to 0 and never increases with 2.8 client and 2.10 server
  • LU-11825: Remove LU-8964/pio feature & supporting framework
  • LU-11827: Race between llog_cat_declare_add_rec and llog_cat_current_log
  • LU-11849: lfs find ! --projid doesn't work as expected
  • LU-11878: sanity test 103b: OOM because of too many bash processes: page allocation stalls for 18420ms
  • LU-11880: Allow Lustre build on Raspbian and other Debian derivatives
  • LU-11894: Check for asymmetrical route messages in LNet
  • LU-11919: cl_max_dirty_pages not zeroed on startup
  • LU-11927: support for SLES12 SP4
  • LU-11930: sbi_flags printing broke
  • LU-11931: RDMA packets sent from client to MGS are timing out
  • LU-11943: many input/output error after soak running for couple of hours
  • LU-11944: WARNING: at ../fs/attr.c:212 notify_change doing tiny_writes
  • LU-11947: Regression caused by LU-11461
  • LU-11951: sanity: test_231a failure, idle disconnect & import generation disagreement
  • LU-11964: Heavy load and soft lockups on MDS with DOM
  • LU-11975: sanity test 60a hangs in llog_test_10
  • LU-11986: After partial lustre_rmmod, lnet panics on debugfs read
  • LU-12018: deadlock on OSS: quota reintegration vs memory release
  • LU-12020: LustreError: 32657:0:(mdc_lib.c:137:mdc_pack_name()) ASSERTION( lu_name_is_valid_2(buf, cpy_len) ) failed:
  • LU-12021: Error message of mdt_attr_valid_xlate() when 2.12 client to 2.10 server
  • LU-12037: Possible DNE issue leading to hung filesystem
  • LU-12039: Fix 'lfs mkdir' in sanity-selinux
  • LU-12059: Update ZFS Version to 0.7.13
  • LU-12065: Client got evicted when lock callback timer expired on OSS
  • LU-12081: rename shouldn't PDO lock target parent if it's remote
  • LU-12138: kernel update [SLES12 SP4 4.12.14-95.13.1]
  • LU-12141: Wrong requires kernel version detected of lustre kmod built against target rhel7.6
  • LU-12151: metadata performance difference on root and non-root user
  • LU-12160: use-after-free in osd_object_delete()
  • LU-12172: kernel update [RHEL7.6 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7]


  • LU-11394: Updates for ZFS 0.8.0, no separate SPL
  • LU-11689: lfs project should proceed all dirs if hit errors
  • LU-12026: verify that MDS stores atime/mtime/ctime during LSOM update