Lustre User Group 2015

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OpenSFS was proud to host LUG 2015 in Denver, Colorado on April 13-15, 2015


  • Welcome Remarks and Lustre 101, Stephen Simms, LUG Program Chair
  • OpenSFS Update, Charlie Carroll, Cray,
  • EOFS Update, Hugo Falter, EOFS
  • Demo: Installing Lustre 2.7 via RPM, Brian Andrus from the ITACS/Research Computing Naval Postgraduate School
  • Lustre Development Update, Christoper Morrone, OpenSFS/LLNL
  • Lustre + Linux – Putting the House in Order, James Simmons,ORNL
  • Cray’s Storage History and Outlook – Lustre+, Jason Goodman, Cray
  • From Lab to Enterprise – Growing the Lustre Ecosystem, Malcolm Cowe, Intel
  • SDSC’s Data Oasis Gen II: ZFS, 40GbE, and Replication, Rick Wagner, San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • There and Back Again – The Battle of Lustre at LANL, Kyle Lamb, Michael Masson, and Susan CoulterLANL
  • Seagate Lustre Update, Peter Bojanic,Seagate Technology
  • Lustre & Kerberos: In Theory and In Practice, Sebastien Buisson, Bull
  • GSS Shared Key Update and Using UID Mapping in Lustre 2.7, Steve Simms, Indiana University
  • ZFS as Backend File System for Lustre: Current Status, How to Optimize, Where to Improve, Gabriele Paciucci Intel
  • Per User Lustre File Systems Leveraging ZFS Pools, Marc Stearman, LLNL
  • Lustre 2.8 and Beyond, Andreas Dilger, Intel
  • Progressive File Layouts, John Hammond, Intel; Jason Hill, ORNL
  • Intelligent Cache Hinting in Lustre, Micah Bhakti, Intel
  • Intel and Lustre: ­ Growth of Lustre Adoption and Intel’s Continued Commitment, Brent Gorda, Intel
  • Lustre HSM in the cloud, Robert Read, Intel
  • Application-optimized Lustre Solutions for Big-Data Workflows, Robert Triendl, DDN
  • Metadata Access Reduction and Analysis and Elimination of Client Evictions on a Large Scale Lustre Based File System, Keiji Yamamoto, RIKEN AICS; Shinji Sumimoto, Fujitsu
  • Lustre Network (LNET) Router Configuration and Tuning, John Fragalla, Seagate Technology
  • Towards continuous 24x7x365 production operation on a router-less 20 petabyte, 11,200 node cluster-or-Defending the Planet with Lustre: Your life could depend on it!, Bob Ciotti, NASA
  • Lustre Metrics: NewTechniques for Monitoring Lustre, Scott Nolin, Andrew Wagner, UW Space Science and Engineering Center
  • New and Improved Lustre Performance Monitoring Tool, Torben Kling Petersen, Seagate Technology
  • Correlating Multiple TB of I/O Performance Data to User Jobs, Michael Kluge, ZIH
  • Monitoring a Heterogeneous Lustre environment, Frédérick Lefebvre, Calcul Quebec Universite Laval
  • Reliability of NVM devices for I/O acceleration on supercomputing systems, Hitoshi Sato, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Scalability Testing of DNE2 in Lustre 2.7, Stephen Simms, Indiana University
  • Shared File Performance in Lustre: Challenges and Solutions, Patrick Farrell, Cray
  • OSD-Btrfs, a Novel Lustre OSD based on Btrfs, Shuichi Ihara, Li Xi, DDN
  • Deploying Hadoop on Lustre Storage: Lessons learned and best practices, J.Mario Gallegos, Dell; Zhiqi Tao, Intel
  • Understanding Hadoop Performance on Lustre, Stephen Skory, Seagate Technology