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This is a placeholder page for information on the Multi-Rail LNet project.


The goal of the Multi-Rail LNet project is to extend LNet to support nodes using multiple interfaces to communicate with each other. These interfaces can be on the same LNet network, or on different LNet networks.

This presentation given by Olaf Weber at the Lustre Developer Summit 2015 at LAD'15 is an introduction to the ideas underlying the project.

There is a description of the scope and requirements of the project, as agreed between Intel and SGI.

Working from there we've created a high level design document. This document actually consists of two parts: the first half gives a high-level overview of the chosen approach, while the second half contains more detailed design notes for the various parts involved. Since no design survives a confrontation with implementation intact, we intend to update the design document to match the implementation as it evolves. Ultimately we want to turn this into a set of wiki pages that document how the final code works, but this takes too much time to be feasible for the intermediate versions.

In April, Olaf Weber did a presentation on the topic at LUG 2016. InsideHPC posted the video. Amir Shehata gave a presentation on the same subject at the 2016 openfabrics workshop. RichReport's youtube channel has the video.


Placeholder section for the public documents for the project.